You never know what pathway life’s journey will take you down.

The subject for the moment is Russell Knox, a Scottish professional golfer, playing on the PGA tour.

One afternoon while out smoking a cigar in San Antonio TX, I meet his Caddie.

While discussing each other’s work, I mentioned I’d made clothing for a number of people over the years, but never a PGA Golfer!

Well one thing lead to another and per his Caddie’s request, I mailed out a promotional piece that later was delivered to Russell while on tour in Texas.

Russell resides in Florida and of course I’m on the west coast.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I learned that Russell and his wife were making a commitment to re-locate in the winter months to the desert area where I live to start each PGA season. Crazy coincidence!

This of course allowed me to invite Russell into my showroom for our first meeting and discuss the clothing concerns he had.

After a short visit and the normal conversation when meeting someone for the first time, he mentioned that his wife is from Colombia. I replied with my wife is also from Colombia as well. As you can imagine the rest was history.

I’ve completely redesigned his wardrobe game, flown to Florida multiple times to coordinate his main closet, and gave him the new energy he was looking for to jump start his new appearance.

It just goes to show you that in business and in life, you don’t know where the next conversation will take you.

So don’t take your next conversation with a stranger for granted, you might just meet your next business opportunity.

Introducing the
Best dressed PGA Golfer on tour!

Russell Knox