Don’t Take Your Next Conversation For Granted


You never know what pathway life’s journey will take you on. You have to be willing to extend yourself
to people and not take everyday circumstances for granted.

Russell Knox is a Scottish Professional Golfer playing on the PGA Tour. I met his caddie smoking a cigar in
October of 2020 in San Antonio, Texas. I mailed out a promotional piece to Russell’s caddie two days
later which was delivered to him while he was on tour in Texas.

Russell is an East Coast man and I’m West Coast through and through. Wouldn’t you know that in
December 2020, Russell and his wife were making a commitment to the west coast to relocate for the
start of the season. Of course, they chose my backyard of the desert area here in Southern California
which allowed for an opportunity to invite him to my Showroom. This was an excellent chance to speak
with Russell one on one and listen to his fashion and wardrobe concerns, on and off the golf course.

After getting acquainted and fitting him for a few suits and sport coat looks to get him started, I
informed him through casual conversation that my wife is from Columbia. He laughed and mentioned
his wife is from Columbia as well.

As you can imagine – the rest was history.

I have completely redesigned his wardrobe game, flown to Florida to coordinate his new main closet,
and assisted in giving him the new energy he was seeking to jump start his appearance when dressing
for every occasion.

This is proof that in business and in life, you never know where the next conversation will take you. My
advice – never take who you may meet next for granted.

I’m proud to introduce you to Russell Knox, the next best dressed PGA Golfer on tour!

- Randy Willard