If You Don’t Take Risks – You Can’t Prosper!


Currently traveling to Florida for business. Today was the perfect example of, “If you can’t risk it- you can’t prosper”.

You see, my entire business has been built on taking risks, believing in myself, vision and abilities. So I flew to Florida from the west coast to meet a potential new client with zero guarantees. Yes, I said zero.

As I was speaking with this potentially new client, he asked me “Why should I work with you?”. 

I responded with complete honesty and answered, “What continues to motivate me in the midst of this unusual world that we live in and what keeps me forever young is the energy I receive from meeting the next interesting and cool client that I can help with their wardrobe concerns and turn it into a long-term business relationship.”

Needless to say, he loved it and recognized the sacrifice I made.

I am happy to say I am now reinventing his entire wardrobe and, as he told his wife while on the phone during our first meeting, “Randy Willard is my new best friend!”

You want to succeed with amazing and long-term success? Be willing to sacrifice with zero guarantees or expectations. Trust me – the reward is simply the best!