Your personality defines what you wear.

It’s been said that you only get out of life what you put into it. So, at Randy Willard | The Man Makes The Suit, we ask the question,

“What is it that your wardrobe says about you and does it get the most out of your agenda?”

Unfortunately, for most men, their own personal style isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve. It usually doesn’t receive the proper attention to detail that it deserves until last minute requests come knocking. Helping you to put the proper attitude back into your wardrobe with purpose and style is what we do best.

That’s why THE MAN MAKES THE SUIT is not just about making you a suit, but about getting you the most out of your lifestyle.

Like it or not, your fashion decisions define your very image.

If you’re going to stay interesting and relevant with all that life has to offer, not to mention create separation between you and your competition in business, you need to be able to reach for your best fashion statement.

When you can’t do this, everything becomes a little less exciting not to mention dated.

I can honestly say that my best clients all have the same thing in common. They’re all difference makers and they all have a deep desire to create a fashionable expression that gets the most out of there existence. However, not everyone is up for this task. We have a saying, ‘if you can’t let go you can’t grow’.

Your wardrobe does matter, it’s as important as all the other passions of your life, but it requires periodic attention that must take place with the proper effort and focus.

At Randy Willard | The Man Makes The Suit, we are more than just a suit, sport coat, or dress shirt. You get a passion to detail that your wardrobe has been searching for. A style that helps you choose to be exactly who you are.

It’s your journey, own it!