I recently traveled on a business trip that ended up taking me into some real nasty weather.

Unfortunately, it required a change of plans as to what I was going to wear for the week.

I found myself putting on almost exclusively the infamous all-purposeful white long sleeve shirt. Yes, the one and only- and mostly overlooked white solid long sleeve shirt!

If worn correctly, it can be one of the most versatile fashion choices a man can wear in dressing for any occasion.

I would say most of the time, it’s overlooked when deciding what shirt to wear.

I find most men are too busy knocking themselves out to put together the next best color or patterned shirt. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that; however, it just requires a little more work and attention to detail.

But if you’re trying to ease the pain of what to wear all of the time, the solid white long sleeve shirt might be the answer.

So my purpose today is to have you consider the reasons on why you should be breaking this shirt out of your closet and discover its’ many uses- not to mention simplify your life.

The solid white long sleeve shirts’ best feature is that it fits into almost every fashion statement with endless options.

Quite frankly- it’s a sexy shirt!

Its’ application is unlimited and oh by the way- it takes the aggravation out of what you are going to wear.

It covers both summer and winter without sacrificing your best appearance.

Think about the multiple places it can be worn- Black tie, under any suit, tie or no tie- you look crisp.

Sport coats love all white because it’s like turning the light on in the room- you can see everything so much better!

You can wear it tucked in with jeans or shorts for that relaxed look- just don’t forget to roll up those sleeves and wear a bracelet or time piece to finish off the look. I personally love rocking this look with my Santoni navy leather sneakers for a better finish. No socks!!

I also love wearing it when hanging out wearing a bathing suit. Casually wearing a white linen blend long sleeve shirt, worn out, finishes off my relaxed style without trying to look like I’m 20.

What I love most about wearing a solid white long sleeve shirt is it finishes off my look for any occasion without compromising the moment.

I feel more elegant when dressing up and a lot cooler when I’m in it during the summer. I guess you can say my eyes are tired of seeing T-shirts everywhere I go.

I’ve touched on the many ways a white dress shirt can be worn with versatility in today’s world. So discover its’ many uses yourself.

It’s not a trend- it’s a fashionable style! Who knows, you might just realize you have a new best friend.