I just finished a trip to Chicago and was meeting a potential new client. After some challenging moments with this new experience, I started to think about how many times I had encountered a gentleman who was out of touch with his proper appearance. Unfortunately, it’s becoming the new normal.

The root of this problem starts with this relentless obsession to dress casual for almost everthing.

Everywhere I seem to go, I hear the same thoughts, “I don’t need to dress up anymore.”

In my humble opinion, this easy way out leads to laziness on what to wear for the day. This then leads to becoming completely out of touch with what works best for you when dressing appropriately is required.

It’s seriously becoming a lost art – the way you dress and the way you present your style.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing today in business is that the average Joe doesn’t care too much about public appearance.

Fast forward this attitude towards fashion with a laziness to dressing up for the right moment and you just created a problem with your wardrobe.

Just the other day I was out and about with a sport coat and a pair of jeans on and everybody thought I was dressed up. This was so ridiculous. My only thought was, I’m not dressed up- you just don’t know what dressed up is supposed to look like .

I realize we all have a different walk in life but bejesus put on something that gets the most out of your day and quit pandering to the mindset of “it doesn’t matter how I look today and it’s not a big deal..” The reality is most men wrestle with what to wear and how to wear it. The way we show up for the day needs a kick in the butt.

What I’m trying to say is that when you dress appropriately either for business or just day to day, people will approach you differently. It can and wiil change how you feel and react to your life.

It’s like the difference between sitting in first class vs. coach. You just become a different person, and different is good.

The physical pursuit of sophisticated style still has its’ place in daily business behavior.

Like I’ve said before, and it’s true, the world may have changed but it’s not going away.

Wake up your fashion game before you become a lot less Interesting!

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