It’s my favorite color in a suit.

 It’s more handsome on you than you realize.

It reflects an image that ‘I’ve done this before’ and I don’t look like everyone else in the room.

The brown suit says all of this and more. I think it’s different from all of your other suits. It casts off a mature look, not necessarily a corporate one, but a professional statement that is warm and friendly. A perfect fit for an evening dinner. It’s a change of pace suit that has the right rich projection.

A gentleman’s suit!

You can take away all kinds of different thoughts from this but the most important one is to remember we don’t live in a ‘black, blue, gray only’ suit world.

Change it up!

Alternative suit colors in your wardrobe need to be selected carefully, not wasted on ideas that don’t work for you. The brown suit is  game changer that most men just don’t think about. It’s an amazing look that can make an amazing statement if you cut it and wear it right.

So when I’m thinking handsome, sophisticated, charming and warm- I’m reaching for the right brown suit.

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- Randy Willard