Recently I did a photo shoot at The Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.

I just want to say, that God has blessed me with this amazing world in Mens fashion and a desire to inspire and help others.

Dressed for the evening I was reminded once again, that if you want to showcase the quintessential look for a man, you wear black tie!

This particular day was filled with a lot of great moments, but shooting the evening’s balcony scene from my room in black-tie I thought it was pretty strong.

My personal favorite however is wearing my white dinner jacket, black tux pants with a black bow tie.

Elegant, sophisticated you name it, I always feel like I’m at the top of my game when wearing black tie. 

This appearance makes me feel like I’m a million miles away from the word regular. 

Whatever your style agenda is, remember this. You only get out of life what you put into it. 

So don’t just think about it, wear it!