The Portrait Of A Son


I recently had the privilege of making an outfit for a special boy. My understanding when I started with this project was that he requested for his graduation ceremony and for his birthday a custom made outfit by Randy Willard. 

With that be said, let me introduce you to 14 year old Federico Sanchez.

As I moved through the process, I discovered that this was no ordinary kid!

His motivation and concern about looking good and feeling great about his style and presentation was not standard protocol for an average young boy. He clearly wanted separation between himself and everyone else for the day. 

What struck me was his unwavering attitude, but openness to taking direction without compromising   his own position on the way he wanted to look. 

It was refreshing and absolutely a blast in putting together his look for this special moment!

I realized after completion of the day that this was another example of why THE MAN MAKES THE SUIT. 

If you’re going to embrace the moment of every day style and grace, you have to be open minded enough to allow your personality to give it up and take direction. 

This attribute can change the world.

Otherwise there can be no separation between you and the rest of the world. 

You can’t teach this desire, it’s inside of you.

Subsequently Federico showed me why he’s the portrait of a son. 

A fine young boy who wouldn’t compromise his style for anyone.

Congratulations young man, you made everyone proud!

- Randy Willard