How do you write a short story about a 25 year working relationship? You don't, but I'll try! It started in 1997 when I was about to get introduced to the St. Louis Rams. I didn’t know anything about St. Louis, or the people. Little did I know the journey that would lie ahead of me, and how it would change my life. The discovery of St. Louis and all the people I would meet would become responsible for one of the most successful referrals of my career.

I’ve always said, the beauty of developing any new opportunities in business has always been the creation of your new working relationships. This creates the possibility of meeting that one individual that quite frankly changes your world.

A client that stays with you long term, that recognizes the value of your work, and experiences long lasting results is like finding that diamond in the rough.

One of the greatest moments of my career was in 1997 when I was introduced to Mr. Kevin Carter of the St. Louis Rams. I quickly discovered he was one of the most committed individuals I had ever met.

Twenty five years later, I can honestly say I’ve experienced only a couple of these situations.

Kevin was drafted out of the University of Florida in the 1st round of the 1995 NFL draft as a 6th overall pick by the St. Louis Rams. He became one of only a handful of players to ever have over 100 sacks in his NFL career. 104 to be exact!

Kevin’s NFL career would span 14 years including a Super Bowl championship with the St. Louis Rams in 1999, a team better known as the greatest show on turf!

Over the years, I have witnessed first-hand a relentless commitment to excellence, not just on the field, but also off the gridiron.

A person that has always put his family, friends and community in front of his personal quest to succeed.

Fast forward to today, and you can discover Kevin’s unique talent working as a college and NFL football analyst on CBS Sports Network providing coverage like no one else. 

What I’ve grown to appreciate most over the years is Kevin’s commitment to his profession, no matter how the table is set!

Whether it’s his appearance, which he doesn’t take lightly, or his resolve to excellence in delivering a particular brand of coverage in his profession, Kevin’s attention to detail is relentless. He is one of those rare individuals who always delivers on the dime. What I respect most about Kevin’s passion is his pursuit for the right balance in all areas of his life; family, relationships and appearance. 

A difficult balance that few ever achieve!

I’m proud to have met him, more importantly, be a part of this journey. 

The best part of this short story is 25 years later, the journey has not seen the finish line!


– Randy Willard