The Custom Wardrobe Experience

The Pattern

Whether it is in the privacy of your home, office, or our showroom, the first visit is all about creating a garment that is built for you. This step requires numerous measurements, along with purposeful photos, to reflect a more accurate depiction of your posture. The ultimate goal is to create a master pattern that follows your body shape and profile in a way that reflects the custom craftsmanship of the garment.

Garment Selection

Regarding your personal fabric selection, you choose textiles from mills in Italy and England to create some of the most luxurious fabric weaves in the world. Beginning with the right cloth, you create a design and signature for all of the features of your custom garment: this would include lapel design, buttons, stitching, and appropriate lining. 

After submission, your custom order only takes approximately 8+ weeks to complete.

The Fitting

At this stage, we are fine-tuning an unfinished garment. Your specific profile and posture are key to fashioning a garment unique to you. Our garment process takes every feature of your body into account to create the perfect fit. A few examples of what we look for include: 

  • Does the jacket collar hug your neck?
  • Is there correct balance between the front panel and the back panel of your coat? 
  • Is the pant rise the appropriate length? 

Once perfected, our master tailors will make any necessary adjustments for your custom garment.

The Wardrobe Collection

The first thing that people notice is what you look like. Your wardrobe must showcase your personality.

We offer a personalized experience to help you discover the many ways your new custom garment will fit into your lifestyle.

Upon delivery, we provide you with a review of your current clothing essentials, help you to remove any unsuitable clothing, and assist you in developing a more interesting, unique style. 

This is the puzzle that we can put together better than anyone.