Juan Delgado, Client

" I first met Randy Willard during a fitting with Coach Jim Mora, Jr. During that time he had laid out two suits and a extensive display of shirts, ties and pocket squares. What I found was that Randy takes much pride not only on his work. But how to dress like a champ on a day to day basis. I was moved with the fashion advice he had suggested. Not only will he lay out your daily wardrobe. Randy will provide an iconic touch like no other, and guide you on having "FUN'' with your attire. Since then I have been a client and have referred many of my fellow business partners to him. "


Tarran Merrill, Client

" Randy was such an impressive passionate person about men's clothing. I was simply amazed about how he was personally involved in my clothing style. My shirts and sports coats are fitted so nice, I never realized how good real men's fashion style could make me feel. People actually comment that they like my shirts and coat. My experience was simply the best! Glad I met Randy!"


Randy Couture, Former UFC Champion

" I was never a fan of wearing suits until Randy Willard made one just to fit me! The styling and fit are impeccable. It gives you a confidence that feels good because you know it looks great!"


Tony Lee, Client

"Randy is very unique in his approach to customer service. Once you order you wardrobe and get the right pattern, he is your personal wardrobe concierge and coordinator for life. If you face any issues with your wardrobe, he will start over and make your suit or shirt over again until it is right. Wow, he has the eyes for it."


Nick Caserio, Director of Player Personnel for NFL New England Patriots

"The experience with Randy has been truly enjoyable. Great service and great clothes... hard to beat that combo. Very grateful and appreciative of the work Randy has done."


Shima Carter, Wife of Client, Kevin Carter

"Kevin just sent me pictures of him and Z in his suit. He looks amazing. And I know he's thrilled. Thanks so much for all you do above and beyond for our family. Truly!"


Trent Trawick, CEO of IWP - Imperial Western Products

" I’ve been working with Randy for years and he has done a great job with my wardrobe. His clothing is exceptional and his staff is very accommodating and great to work with. I highly recommend Randy and his staff for everything from very formal events to everyday casual wear. "


Chapa Group Mortgage

" If you want to dress and feel like a Star , Randy is your Guy. His attention to detail and relentless pursuit to make you look 5 stars is what makes him the best . You are The Man! "


Tim Bradley, American former Professional Boxer

"Everyone is asking about my suit and where I had it made. I told them all you're the best, hands down."


Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts

"Randy!! I love the jacket! The material rocks! I love it!!"


Kevin Carter, Former NFL Super Bowl Champion

" I only want to wear and be coordinated by Randy Willard "


Rick Mirer, Former NFL Quarterback

" Thanks for the fresh new shirts. Randy Willard is still the best in the custom clothing game. "


Grant Hill, Seven-Time NBA All-Star Player

" Randy Willard is the Mike Krzyzewski of the clothing industry. "


Caroline Zaegel, Wife of Client, Fritz Zaegel

" Fritz is the best dressed man in St. Louis, thanks to you! Honestly. There are not enough words to describe how clothes that fit well, made for a man's frame and body can be such a complete game changer. I look at him every single morning and think how unbelievably hot he is! "


Steve Douglas,

" Randy Willard is a True Gentlemen, he does not stop until his work is perfect and will never settle for anything till your look is Amazing! It is like no other! Truly amazing suit, sport coats, shirts and jeans. I would never use anyone else! "

The Man Makes The Suit

Since 2011, Randy Willard has been on the forefront of bespoke clothing and custom men’s fashion. Randy works primarily with high-level executives and leading business men in several different industries including Forbes 500 lists, Athletes and Sports Entertainment, Finance and Technology.

What makes Randy Willard unique and sets him apart from others is his innate ability to find one’s individual style and build a one of a kind wardrobe. Randy truly believes that The Man Makes The Suit – meaning one’s individual style and look is a secondary expression and extension of the man. To request a private appointment at our showroom, in the comfort and privacy of your home or place of business, please fill out our form, and you will be contacted shortly.


Your appearance is your personality. If you like what you are wearing, your personality reflects it. It’s the way you look that can drive your success to new heights! Would you forget your smart phone when you leave the house, of course not, so don’t forget your appearance when you get out of bed to start your day!

“Remember having fun with what you wear is the first step to enjoying how you wear it ”  – Randy Willard

What’s In Style?

“What look works best for you?  Just because a mannequin has it on, doesn’t mean you should be wearing it. Discovering your style through your personality is what we do. You can chase the next trend, or you can create one.”

– Randy Willard