Randy Willard

The Man Makes The Suit

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What’s Behind The Man Makes The Suit
Your personality defines what you wear. Your wardrobe is the result of your personality, not just a specific garment. The most important attribute to having a successful wardrobe is to be open minded enough when it comes to discovering your own personal appearance.
If you can’t let go, you won’t grow. When it comes to you look and style, your personality drives everything.
For those who are discovering Randy Willard | The Man Makes The Suit for the first time, you will discover early on that I have a unique ability to engage your fashion strengths without compromising your agenda.Removing wardrobe ruts that you might fall into creates a more interesting YOU.
This is the gift that I deliver to each one of my clients that they never see coming. At the end of the day, you may soon realize I care more about what your wear than you probably do.
“Remember having fun with what you wear is the first step to enjoying how you wear it ”  – Randy Willard


Your appearance is your personality. If you like what you are wearing, your personality reflects it. It’s the way you look that can drive your success to new heights! Would you forget your smart phone when you leave the house, of course not, so don’t forget your appearance when you get out of bed to start your day!





“What look works best for you?  Just because a mannequin has it on, doesn’t mean you should be wearing it. Discovering your style through your personality is what we do. You can chase the next trend, or you can create one.” – Randy Willard