Traveling During Covid Times


Flying on March 12, 2021
Flying today reminded me of the good-old-days, pre-pandemic.
Even though I have flown 30 times since May 2020 after all hell broke loose, it is the first time I have
flown for business where every seat has been taken.
This experience of sitting next to somebody with a mask on and their elbows are should I say taking up
the entire row! This threw me back in time to those wonderful moments where airlines do not give a sh-
t about your comfort!
My only thought I was thinking was, “Please don’t touch me!”
So goes social distancing for our health!
Do not take this the wrong way, but I usually fly first-class because of my extensive travel.
Unfortunately, I got blindsided by South West Airlines and their peanuts mentality where you only get
an A, B, C, or D ticket.
Until recently, social distancing has not been an issue with flying. I guess the good old days of covid-19
are a thing of the past.
Moral of the story, be careful what you wish for! I think I’m going to rush home and shower!

- Randy Willard