The Way You Look Matters


The way you look Matters!

Flying home from Cleveland, just thinking to myself; “is it me, or am I right about most American men having little idea on how to get the most out of their appearance?”.

The truth is, most don’t care. 

Half the battle most men have is discovering what’s in style. When what’s in style is what’s your style and then getting the most out of it!

Regardless, I had a great trip meeting new people as I always do. None of this is actually news, but I can’t get out of my head why the average dude is lost on the fashion front. 

I believe the pandemic has contributed to this nightmare which has created complacency in evaluating what’s actually in your closet world. 

You see the fashion world didn’t put itself on hold during the last year and a half… Styles continue to update and change. So do lifestyles, and not to mention your body!

Just like periodically putting new tires on your car so it can go for the drive it’s capable of; take every consideration into putting into play the looks that get the most out of your appearance. 

- Randy Willard