The Wardrobe Experience

Your wardrobe is our best feature; not an easy thing to coordinate. Most men gravitate towards the same style or perhaps try too hard to chase the latest trend, not necessarily getting the most out of their look.

To get it right it requires effort, vision, and patience. What Randy Willard does best is isolate your one-of-a-kind features, introducing you to new fashion suggestions that will enhance your appearance without changing your unique character.

For Randy, it’s a natural behavior that has created wardrobes for many, raising the bar for when it’s time to look your best. So don’t just wear a suit or your next outfit repeating the same agenda – turn your wardrobe into ‘what’s your style’, not ‘what’s in style’. Your wardrobe should be the best part of your resume – an experience you want to repeat over and over again. THE MAN MAKES THE SUIT!

Remember, “Having fun with what you wear is the first step to enjoying how you wear it.”