The Man

Reflects individuality.
One’s style, character, and image shapes each complete look.

Randy Willard  |     The Man Makes The Suit

JP Miller  |   Owner   |   Paul Miller Auto Group

JP Miller

This explosive personality is the owner of one of the finest Ford conglomerates in the U.S. In the last couple of years, his wardrobe has been completely transformed! When approached by a major department store to discuss wardrobe needs, JP’s reply was “Randy Willard is my stylist and he would kick your ass!”

Trent Trawick  |    IWP   |   Coachella, CA


As head of one of the most successful eco-friendly companies on the West Coast, Trent has discovered Randy Willard solutions for both casual everyday wear to his most important moment so far of 2017 – his wedding day! It has been a privilege to work with this young man, he now embraces our clothing line exclusively.

Jay Demarcus  |   Country Music Artist   |   Rascal Flatts

Jay demarcus

Jay discovered Randy Willard clothing 7 years ago.

Country music at its’ finest. Jay hosted the Innovation in Music Awards in Nashville, TN wearing custom clothing by Randy Willard. “Best suits ever! :)” – Jay Demarcus on Instagram.

Wirth Campbell

wirth campbell

As a male model, wearing all types of men’s fashion, whenever he has the chance, he wants to wear Randy Willard.

Jim Mora   |  UCLA Bruins Head Football Coach


“Randy, love the suits, image is everything – you are my guru!” Client of over 20 years.

Kevin Carter   |   ESPNU Analyst and Superbowl Champion


Tweet to Kevin Carter: “Love your suit, care to shout out the designer?” Kevin’s reply: “@RandyWillard makes everything I wear except for my underwear and socks! He’s awesome! Thanks for noticing!”

Grant Hill   |   Former NBA Star   |   Owner of the Atlanta Hawks

Grant Hill

“You are the Mike Krzyzewski of the clothing industry. You are always finding a way to raise the bar” – Grant Hill “You have redefined my image through your clothing.”

Darius Rucker   |   Country Music Artist

Darius Rucker

I met Darius through a Nashville charity event, and he soon became one of my most significant clients. We redefined his look for the 2014 ACM awards- adding a touch of South Carolina charm.

Tim Bradley   |   5-Time Boxing Champion

Tim Bradley

“You are my man when it comes to any big event!” – Tim Bradley.

Randy Couture   |   Former UFC Title Holder

Randy Couture

Needing a wardrobe upgrade because of his segway from UFC to the entertainment industry, Randy reached for our vision to best describe his look, for both casual and dress appearances.

Ron White   |   Comedian

Ron White

In Beverly Hills delivering his first suit, he said “This is the finest suit I’ve ever had.”

Chad Warrix   |   Country Music Artist   |   Halfway to Hazard

Chad Warrix

As a successful country music artist, when he wants that unique look that best expresses his personality, he wears Randy Willard.

Bic Parma   |   Principle of Shaub Construction   |   Nashville, TN

Bic Parma

Bic Parma runs one of the most successful construction companies in all of Nashville. Amazing client and friend! When dressing for the moment, both for business and entertainment, he only wears Randy Willard.

Ryan Duff   |   Entrepreneur   |   Lexington, KY

Ryan Duff

Businessman and entrepreneur Ryan recently discovered our wardrobe experience over the last couple of years, with a redesigned and redefined wardrobe. He loves the experience whenever we are creating a new look. Ryan knows that even when it comes down to the right fashion protocol of what shoe to wear, he can rely on us for those detailed insights.

Rick Mirer   |   Proprietor of Mirror Wines   |   Napa Valley, CA

Rick Mirer

For almost 20 years, starting with the NFL, and now Mirror Wines in Napa Valley, Rick exclusively turns to me for any special occasion!