The Man

Reflects individuality.
One’s style, character, and image shapes each complete look.

Randy Willard  |     The Man Makes The Suit

JP Miller  |   Owner   |   Paul Miller Auto Group

Trent Trawick  |    IWP   |   Coachella, CA

Jay Demarcus  |   Country Music Artist   |   Rascal Flatts

Wirth Campbell

Jim Mora   |  UCLA Bruins Head Football Coach

Kevin Carter   |   ESPNU Analyst and Superbowl Champion

Grant Hill   |   Former NBA Star   |   Owner of the Atlanta Hawks

Darius Rucker   |   Country Music Artist

Tim Bradley   |   5-Time Boxing Champion

Randy Couture   |   Former UFC Title Holder

Ron White   |   Comedian

Chad Warrix   |   Country Music Artist   |   Halfway to Hazard

Bic Parma   |   Principle of Shaub Construction   |   Nashville, TN

Ryan Duff   |   Entrepreneur   |   Lexington, KY

Rick Mirer   |   Proprietor of Mirror Wines   |   Napa Valley, CA